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Android Dominates Sales Volume, iOS Brings Greater Profits

Apr 18, 2013

Android against iOS
Android vs iOS

Android phones fly off the shelves but fail to take over the tablet market just yet.

There are many factors that influence a user in their choice of a new smartphone or a tablet, and for millions of players mobile casino gambling is one of those factors. Since iOS and Android offers the broadest choices, gamblers generally prefer devices with one of these two operating systems.

Time magazine has recently compiled some statistics on the global results of these decisions, to see whether Apple or Google could be proclaimed the winner of this race.

Unsurprisingly, while iPhones have been flying off the shelves in more affluent markets (e.g. 2012 sales show them competing head-to-head with Android handsets), global figures indicate a massive 70:21 Android dominance in market proliferation.

Although playing mobile slots or betting on horses can be done conveniently from smartphones, many on-the-go gamblers prefer the convenience that tablets offer. In that arena iPads still hold their position against the Android onslaught, accounting for nearly 54% of the tablets sold in 2012.

At the same time, users could play Android casino poker games on 43% of the tablets shipped last year.

Even though Android devices are not manufactured by a single company, Samsung is more of a competitor to Apple than to other Android phone manufacturers. The Korean company was the maker of 29% of all the smartphones sold in Q4 2012 (though this figure includes their Windows Phones as well), while Apple manufactured around 22% of them. Of course this also means that half of the smartphone market belongs to various other manufacturers, including other Android and Windows Phone makers, and of course BlackBerry.

Those other manufacturers, however, are not making much money. In fact, Apple and Samsung pocketed 100% of the industry’s profit in the last three months of 2012. Due to the much pricier iOS devices these numbers came out 72:29 in Apple’s favor. (Yes, it adds up to over 100%, because several companies barely broke even, while others accrued some losses.)

Although these numbers give a comprehensive picture of the industry, players are generally curious about how well these devices can be used for their hobby. Click here to find out about the Android and iOS app scene.

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