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Nokia Rumored to Release a Phablet Device

Apr 20, 2013

Nokia plans a phablet
Nokia phablet

According to the latest rumors Nokia is working on a phablet device powered by Windows Phone OS.

Ever since Nokia has decided to partner up with Microsoft and use the Windows Phone OS to power its smartphones, the Finnish company has been able to regain its former glory somewhat. Mobile casino fans can get their hands on a variety of devices ranging from high-end to budget, and now some sources suggest the manufacturer plans to introduce a phablet device as well.

Jealous of the competition, Nokia is said to be working hard on a phablet Windows mobile gambling device. It’s said to be similar in size to the mega-popular Samsung Galaxy Note, but will sport far better functionality. The features of the yet to be announced Windows Phone monster are said to deliver a 1080p screen and a quad-core processor.

Rumors are not limited to Nokia phablet and are stipulate a couple of other devices as well. First up is the mysterious Nokia EOS – the WP smartphone with a whopping 41MP PureView sensor, talk of which has been already filling mobile casino gambling forums. The quad-core CPU has been rumored for this device as well.

Nokia is also said to be preparing a more advanced model of the Lumia 920 flagship, which could very well be the yet to be announced Nokia Catwalk. And finally, there’s also word of an affordable version of the Lumia 920 in the works.

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