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HTC Allowed the Use of Contested Microphones in One Flagship

Apr 30, 2013

HTC One microphone allowed
HTC One mic

Apparently the Nokia’s injunction in the Netherlands was against STMicroelectronics and not the HTC itself.

Following the news that Nokia was awarded an injunction against HTC in the Netherlands, the Taiwanese giant clarified the situation. It turns out that the injunction over the dual-membrane microphone was against the STMicroelectronics and not the smartphone manufacturer.

The microphone in question is installed in the HTC Android casino flagship – One, and is manufactured exclusively for Nokia devices. But it turns out the exclusivity is only for a limited time, and HTC is confident that the sales of One will not be affected.

HTC announced in a press release that Nokia’s plans to order a recall of microphones in the already sold One devices have failed. It was not possible for the Taiwanese producer of mobile casino tools to know about the agreement between the Finnish manufacturer and STMicroelectronics. The court’s ruling against the parts manufacturer allows HTC to continue using the microphones in their current stock.

On top of that, HTC has also stated that it will devise an improved microphone design from a different supplier once the STMicroelectronics stocks are depleted. Stay tuned for more on this story as we will be monitoring the news and keep you up to date on the developments.

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