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Samsung Carbon Fiber Smartphones May Become a Reality

Jun 26, 2013

Carbon fiber from Samsung
Carbon fiber phones

Samsung Petrochemical partners up with SGL Group to create alternative materials, which may be used in smartphones too.

Jealous of the HTC’s success with the aluminum unibody for their Android casino tamer – One, Samsung was also rumored to be looking into alternative materials for their devices. Turns out they had quite a different material on their minds – the ultra-light, but durable carbon fiber.

The latest partnership between Samsung Petrochemical and SGL Group resulted in a joint venture, which aims to “develop new industrial and electronic applications with carbon composite materials for Samsung and the Korean market.”

Naturally, the majority of the carbon fiber material is destined for industrial products, however personal electronics including mobile casino monsters and electronic media were also mentioned in the press release as possible applications.

Current smartphones need to stay light in order to be competitive on the ever-growing market of mobile casino games devices, and here the qualities of carbon fiber come in very handy. The press release doesn’t directly mention the fact that future Samsung devices will use the material, and also the Korean market is the initial target, but hopefully we do see carbon fiber phones in the near future, which will make it to the international arena.

Currently, carbon fiber can be seen only on extremely expensive, luxury phones, and maybe a few LG devices (the Secret), however, we’re confident that Samsung will find a way to bring this unique rugged and light material to mass market, and not make it way too expensive.

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