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Touchscreen Versions of Classic Casino Table Games Grow in Popularity

Aug 6, 2013

Touchscreen tables at casinos
Touchscreen gaming

Casino gambling moves in every direction, besides online and mobile gaming options, the land-based casinos are evolving with touch screen table games.

The brick-and-mortar casinos around the world have already started to feel the impact of touch screen table games. Although such technology may never fully replace the traditional tables on casino floors, it will definitely become a cool alternative to exercise the best casino strategy.

The slots enthusiasts have long embraces the touch screen machines, however, classic table games fans have slowly been introduced to screens and paper vouchers. Rapid Roulette, developed by the renowned gambling hardware and software company Shuffle Master, is already in play at casinos across United States. The game features the touch screen surrounded by player positions and employs live dealer and a real wheel.

Players sitting at the table use the touch screen to make bets, and the rest is just like with the “real” roulette. The rules and gameplay of roulette make this particular gaming pastime very easy to employ touch screen technology.

Canadian and United Kingdom players have already been enjoying a similar touchscreen roulette variation created by TCS John Huxley. Their game is called Novo TouchBet Roulette, and can allow up to 250 players to participate across the casino floor. This is achieved by having satellite locations with real-time projections on top of the primary table installation.

The touchscreen roulette is very similar to the classic table version, but is much more time-efficient and accurate, the only thing that’s missing is the dealer giving out stacks of winnings to players. However, according to casino gambling news, this thrill will not be missed by roulette players, just as cascading coins are not missed by video slots players.

Currently, similar technology is being applied to other classic table games including craps, blackjack, and naturally poker. The latter is especially great for novice players, as it eliminates many “rookie” mistakes, such as premature overturning of cards, betting timing, and more.

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