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Search for Gaming in the UK Drops 34% in July

Sep 2, 2013

Search for gaming slows down in the UK
Search for gaming

Ever-improving mobile betting could see a sharp rise, however

So, gambling fans in the UK have been searching for less this summer: no surprise really, considering how much better the weather has been that in recent years. Couple that with no World Cup or European Championship – plus the fallout from the huge numbers wagered on the Olympics last year – and it’s not seen as a big deal by most. Even better, the rise in searches thanks to the new football season should be even greater thanks to Android and iPhone gambling in particular.

That’s right: the UK online market is due to be propped up by a huge surge in mobile casinos and sportsbooks. With companies like Ladbrokes, BetVictor and Paddy Power spending big on mobile advertising campaigns, sportsbooks in particular are really looking to cash in on the rise in mobile gambling.

Mark Newton, from digital marketing agency Greenlight, commented on this piece of mobile gambling news: “The summer months are traditionally a little slower for many online gambling providers. Compliments of this year’s exceptional one (summer), gaming providers have likely had to ‘share’ their potential pool of punters with a greater range of alternative leisure and outdoor activities over an even longer period of time, which would see them spend less time online.”

He went on to add: “However, as autumn encroaches, darker evenings coupled with the start of the major sporting season in the UK, will likely see providers preparing for the punters return. This could well be in even greater droves, given the ever-improving mobile capabilities which will help further propel gaming-on-the-go via mobile devices.”

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