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How About Managing Your Own Casino From Your Browser

Sep 9, 2013

Goldfire launched CasinoRPG

CasinoRPG from Goldfire Lets You Build Up a Gambling Empire Wherever you Are

If playing online blackjack wasn’t enough for you, then Goldfire Studio has something right up your street. The gaming producer has announced the beta of their browser game CasinoRPG. No big deal? Well, this game is written just in HTML5, and claims to be the most advanced in the world.

As well as offering blackjack, slots and other casino games for your enjoyment, CasinoRPG allows you to use your winnings to build up your own casino empire. So, from a tiny poker room into a mega casino empire, you can evolve your output and bring more and more virtual gamblers into your world.

What’s more, the fact it’s built entirely in HTML5 means that these mobile casino games are available on any device, wherever in the world you are!

Sure, it’s not for real money, but it’s just a little bit of fun on the side. I’m sure everyone has wasted some time on mobile arcade games, so this is just one more of them, yet it definitely brings something more to the table thanks to the HTML5 element.

Chief Executive and Founder of Goldfire, James Simpson, CasinoRPG is “the most advanced HTML5 game in the world which will help to change people’s perceptions of what today’s browsers are capable of”. We’ve barely begun to tap the possibilities of the web as a legitimate gaming platform… the future of browser gaming is very exciting.”

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