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Social Gambling gets new International Social Gaming Association

Sep 11, 2013

Social Gaming
Social Gaming

Zynga Join a Host of Gambling Companies Represented by International Social Gaming Association

With social gambling on the rise, thanks to high profile Facebook games and social applications from giants like Party Poker, the industry has a new union to help keep the market unified. The Social Gaming Association and the International Social Games Coalition have joined forces to form the new International Social Gaming Association, and if that tongue twister of a sentence wasn’t enough, read on.

With social and mobile casinos on the rise worldwide – well, almost, with some countries (looking at you, America) stuck in the gambling dark ages – it was time for the industry to unify, and the new force behind social gaming will be looking to represent the interests of new start ups and old familiars all the same.

With mobile arcade gaming world that is getting a new representative, although they still seem to be the biggest names on the list. Despite this, it’s still one name that stands out: Zynga.

While their recent struggles may be well publicized, their move into mobile casino games is hotly anticipated. Their Facebook casino has launched to some fanfare – joining efforts from luminaries such as Caesars – while other competitors are looking to take advantage of social to boost their player base.

Paul Matthews, chairman of the ISGA, commented: “I’m pleased to be able to announce that our two groups are joining forces – we’re looking forward to representing the great work done by social games companies around the world together.”

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