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Courtney Cox Arrested for Swimming Nude in Casino Fountain

Sep 15, 2013

Skinny dipping Courtney Cox
Skinny dipping arrest

Skinny Dipper Arrested After Being Caught by Security at Horseshoe Casino

You read the headline right: Courtney Cox has been arrested for skinny dipping in the fountain of Horseshoe Casino Hotel in Bossier City, Louisiana. What’s she doing there, you may ask? Well, sorry to disappoint all those Friends fans, but the lady in question was not Monica, but in fact a 29 year old mother of two from Shreveport who just happened to share the stars name.

This wouldn’t have happened if she’d just visited a mobile casinos instead.

Yet Louisiana doesn’t have its own online, never mind mobile, casino. In fact, nowhere does. New Jersey is likely to become the first – and with Google hovering over bwin, the operator most likely to be running the shop, we could see Android casino games in that state very quickly – with Delaware’s Facebook casino just for fun at the moment.

Operators will be hoping that the liberalization of the US online gambling market will happen sooner rather than later, as this state by state system seems somewhat of a pain in the proverbial at the moment. With Nevada already experiencing problems and California failing to get the law through state government before the legislative term ended, it looks like New Jersey has stolen a march on the other states.

As for Ms Cox, she’s currently awaiting her court appearance. It’s probably unlikely that she’ll be playing any slots at all in the near future, never mind mobile slots.

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