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Real Deal Interactive Launches Social Gambling Platform

Sep 20, 2013

Social Gambling from Real Deal Interactive
RDI Social Gambling

Social Gaming Platform Will Be Licensed to Gambling and Social Gaming Companies

Social Casinos are really taking off in recent times, and there is a new player on the scene as Real Deal Interactive launch their social gambling platform. The 3 man team, located in Palo Alto, has launched their own Lucky Loot mobile casino on the Google Play Store, and will be licensing out their software for online gambling and social gaming companies.

There are a glut of mobile slots around now, but Real Deal Interactive are looking to set themselves apart in two ways. Firstly, they have signed deals with a number of physical slot makers to bring famous titles to gamers’ mobiles. Secondly, they offer real rewards that can be redeemed to give the user something to really aim for.

Chief Executive Faisal Siddiqui is certain the company will be able to crack the mobile casino game market, and sees the link up with physical slot makers as key to their success.

“If a player was to take the app and hold up next to the actual slot machine, they would be experiencing the exact same play. We believe we are the only company to offer this level of authenticity on mobile.”

The company has gained some early attention, but it will be interesting to see how they compare to major international players such as Zynga and Caesars. Meanwhile, the search goes on for the best method of bringing social gaming and mobile gambling together, with most social gamers spending tiny sums on their games.

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