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Goo Technologies Helps Launch 3D Mobile Casino

Sep 20, 2013

Goo Technologies powers new 3D casino
3D Casino

Brand new 3D casino available from Goo Technologies

You read it right: thanks to their Goo Engine, Goo Technologies have helped to launch a 3D mobile casino for players to explore. What’s more, it’s completely browser based, being written in HTML5. That’s pretty intense!

Along with HTML5, the engine uses WebGL, which manages to accelerate the game, getting rid of the speed problems encountered with previous HTML5 games.

The casino, Casinofloor, has been developed mainly as a demo for the engine, but it contains a host of mobile casino games ready to play on a selection of devices. The downside is that some phones do not have the hardware to run the graphically advanced casino. Yet it’s still a massive step forward, and not just for mobile gambling.

It’s a pretty big differentiation from most mobile casino software out there. Sure, it still uses games powered by the big players like Microgaming, but the act of walking through the casino from your browser is a big change up.

Marcus Kruger, chairman of Goo Technologies, said his team were proud of the results: “We feel the end result really showcases the robust graphics and smooth performance developers can achieve using Goo Engine. It’s a great testament to the power of HTML5 and I think it has serious ramifications not just for the iGaming industry, but for other fields as well.”

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