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Ivey Poker Launches New Mobile App

Sep 25, 2013

New app from Ivey Poker
New app launch

Facebook Poker Room Goes Mobile as the Next Step

Ivey Poker launches its new mobile app this week, as the poker company continues to grow its player base. It comes after they launched their first app on Facebook just two months ago, cornering more than 10,000 active users in the meantime.

iPhone and Android casino poker is gaining rapid popularity throughout the world in recent times, and Ivey Poker hopes to cash in on that with their free play offerings and range of poker pros. Sure, it’s not likely to bring in the kind of cash real money poker brings in, but with the state of poker in the US, it’s still likely to bring in plenty of players.

With online and mobile casinos hard to come by in the US – well, there aren’t any yet – any opportunity to play poker is jumped at by casual gamers and pros alike. With mobile seen as the next big thing, Ivey Poker were keen to get in on the act.

Ivey Poker’s founder, 9 time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Ivey, said: “Just like with poker, the app is ever-evolving. We want to offer as many platforms as possible to give everyone a chance to play.”

It’s this that is driving all these new Facebook powered mobile casino games out there. None of them have the chance to make the kind of money traditional online casinos can, but their presence in every US state helps them to bring in players: perhaps in anticipation of any regulation changes.

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