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Jackpot Bingo Released on Android by GREE

Oct 4, 2013

Jackpot Bingo for Android launched
Android bingo

Jackpot Bingo is the Latest in the Jackpot Franchise from GREE

The world of social gambling keeps getting bigger, as a new release by developer GREE has hit the markets. The mobile bingo game is available on Android devices, and offers players themed bingo rooms and the chance to bet with multiple cards at once.

The popularity of mobile casino games has continued to grow unabated in the past year, fueling the growth of Facebook slots, casinos and more. Being such a social game, Jackpot Bingo gives players the chance to chat with their friends and fellow players as they check off the numbers on their cards.

This isn’t the first free play social gambling app that GREE have released, though, as their mobile slot, Jackpot Slots, hit Google’s Play Store earlier this year, and has been downloaded more than 5 million times.

Ken Chiu, the SVP of Social Games at GREE, commented: “Who doesn’t enjoy a game of Bingo from time to time? We wanted to create an authentic experience with a modern approach that will allow fans to play Bingo on their couch or on the go. We are excited to launch this second game within our Jackpot franchise.”

There has been an concerted push by both social gaming companies and traditional casino gambling companies to try and bring the two worlds together in recent times. The size and scope of the social gaming world is huge, so combining that with the betting power of the casino gambling sphere would reap rich rewards for the industry.

Despite this, however, social gamers seem keen to stick to the freemium model they know and, seemingly, love, rather than turning to any real money gambling.

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