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Cashplay Enters the Real Money Market with a Twist

Oct 11, 2013

New real money gambling solution
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Real Money Social Gaming Outside a Casino with Cashplay

Social mobile casinos have a new tool, as Czech company Cashplay has entered the real money gaming market. With the success of social slots and other casinos games recently, the innovative company has taken the plunge with something a little different: player versus player wagering.

That’s right: the next step for Cashplay is mobile casino games where you can challenge other real people. What’s more, this nifty piece of kit bypasses disruptive gambling laws by placing all of this onto a social gaming platform.

The first iOS title to utilize this is no mobile slot, however, but a side scrolling platformer called Crazy Lazy Runner. The idea is to challenge your friends – with or without a real money wager – to beat your time or score.

Cashplay CEO Jarrod Epps commented: “Instead of driving gamers away with ads or in-app purchases – methods that simply don’t work for the majority of titles – developers can use a competitive platform that not only makes money but also makes games more attractive to players.”

The game is available across the world, and is another attempt at monetizing the social gaming sphere, something that casino companies are trying to do more and more. With the launch of Party Poker’s new, more social, platform, and the proliferation or social slot games on Facebook, it remains to be seen what tie in can be made between social gaming and social gambling.

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