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Vision for Mobile Casino in Indianapolis Airport

Oct 18, 2013

Indianapolis Airport gambling
Indianapolis Airport

Despite State Gambling Ban Lawyers Push for Airport Casino

Two Indiana attorneys have floated the idea for a mobile casino at Indianapolis Airport, a move that they hope would bring more airlines to an airport suffering with a lack of direct flights.

The idea would be that the airport would have its own mobile application available over their WiFi, and visitors would be able to log on and play mobile casino games for small sums of cash while waiting for their flights.

It’s not a new idea, mind, as there is already a similar system in place at Minneapolis Airport.

One other idea the attorneys put forward was for the setup of a selection of iPads at fixed terminals. With the cost of a slot machine upwards of $20,000, iPad gambling would be a much cheaper alternative, allowing the airport to introduce it quickly and easily. There is only one problem, though: it’s currently not legal.

Gambling is only legal on riverboats and Indian reservations in the state, while charitable events are also exempted from the otherwise strict gambling regulations. So, in order for this plan to go forward, there would have to be a legal change in the state, something that is unlikely.

So whilst this is only a pipe dream, New Jersey continues to push forward with their plans for online and mobile casinos, with the 2nd of their licenses being awarded recently, in preparation for the launch of online gambling on November 26th.

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