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Archie Karas Pleads Not Guilty in Cheating Case

Oct 24, 2013

Not guilty plea from Archie Karas
I’m Not Guilty

The Man Behind The Run Denies Card Marking Charges Laid Against Him

You may remember a casino gambling news story that ran at the start of October: the man behind The Run, Archie Karas, had been arrested for cheating at blackjack. For $8,000. Well, it’s only just gone to court in California, and the man has pled not guilty.

Now, while Karas’ arrest may not have been a surprise considering his four previous brushes with the law over cheating in Las Vegas, the fact that he would cheat for a sum that, while large for you or I, is surely pittance for the man who won, and then lost $40 million in that famous winning run back in the early ‘90’s.

Yet he still stands accused of marking the blackjack cards subtly, and that is surely something hard to dig yourself out of if you’ve been caught. The casino even has CCTV footage of the Greek gambling superstar, so it’s likely that his not guilty plea will prove futile.

Karas has made more than $200,000 from poker tournaments, appearing in the World Series of Poker, but perhaps he should have stuck to online blackjack this time. Instead, the man, myth, and legend was tracked down at his Las Vegas home and extradited to California to stand trial.

The alleged crime was committed at the Barona Casino, and the establishment will be hoping for some recompense for losses it feels were unfair. We’ll keep a close eye on this one.

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