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Paddy Power Announce New Marketing Strategy

Nov 6, 2013

New marketing from Paddy Power
Paddy Power

Apple Users Key for Paddy Power in New Marketing Strategy

Paddy Power have announced a new brand focused marketing strategy as they attempt to take absolute top spot in the race for mobile casino players in the UK. The bookmaker has had some success in the mobile marketplace in recent times, but is currently sharing brand presence with a few of their competitors.

Currently, Paddy Power display screenshots of game play from their mobile casino games in the App Store, but they’re looking to change that to a more brand centric approach. The move comes as a recent study showed that they were tied with 3 other bookmakers in being the most recognizable mobile gambling brand in the UK.

The company are also targeting their iPhone casino, with plans to maintain high retention rates amongst the whole of their iOS audience, in particular. It is generally accepted that Apple users spend more than Android users when it comes to mobile gambling.

Paddy Power senior marketing manager for gaming brands, Ian MacLeod, spoke about the move: “For us there’s three areas of search; there’s brand search, there’s paid search, then there’s App Store search. We believe that we’re bringing some of the strongest selling points to the market, including our game play.”

He continued: “It’s really important to ensure that mobile is prominent on the TV [ads] by having notices like ‘go to the app store’. We obviously see huge uplifts in the number of mobile searches and downloads whenever we launch campaigns.”

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