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UK Punters Say Betting Better than Beer

Nov 10, 2013

Betting is favored over beer in the UK
Betting over beer

Two UK Gambling Studies Produce Interesting Results

For a culture steeped in the local pub, it’s a pretty big thing for a group of Brits to come out and say beer isn’t close to the top of their priorities. Yet that’s what British bettors have done. What’s more, they’re generally ignoring the mobile sportsbook revolution, despite the record profits – how does that work, then?

So, in a pair of studies, the first by the UK Gambling Commission, and the second by researchers from Loughborough and Staffordshire universities, there are a number of mobile sports betting related stats to pore over.

First up is the frankly astonishing stat that 73% of UK bettors only placed bets in brick and mortar, land-based betting shops. That left 27% to online and mobile betting channels, and of those, 15% bet in high street stores too, leaving a core mobile gambling group of just 12% of UK gamblers.

That’s not all, though, as the Gambling Commission figures found out that just 15% of responders gambled in the past 4 weeks. There’s more, too, as if you take out figures for the National Lottery, only 8% gambled. That means that the UK’s mobile casino growth is being powered by just 2% of the population.

Yet what about that beer? Amazingly, one in every four gamblers would much rather place a wager than drink a pint. So, despite the sudden proliferation of mobile sportsbooks, high street bookmakers still have a nice, large market to tap into.

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