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Arsenal Fan Loses House in Bet

Nov 14, 2013

Arsenal fan bet house and lost
Homeless fan

United win 1-0 and Arsenal Fan Loses Family Home

Well, this is one man who should have stuck to mobile sportsbooks. Henry Dhabasani, an Arsenal fan from Uganda, was so confident that his beloved Arsenal would beat Manchester United in their crunch English Premier League match at Old Trafford, that he bet his house on it.

Unfortunately for him, his 3 wives and 5 children, United ran out 1-0 winners. Well, that’s a bit of a problem for him, especially as United fans kicked his wives and children out of his house soon after the match. Most mobile casino gamblers have limits, and they’re usually somewhat smaller than their family home.

Perhaps, though, the fanatical fan was enticed by the bet on table from his friend Rashid Yiga. You see, Yiga didn’t just put his car on the table, but his wife. Perhaps Dhabasani was looking to increase his harem.

This isn’t the only rather bad piece of news to come from Arsenal matches across the world, too, as a Liverpool fan in South Africa reacted pretty badly to his teams 2-0 loss to Arsenal, and shot his friend in the chest.

I’ll stick to mobile sports betting, thanks. Even if it does mean I can’t win my friend’s wife.

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