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Play It Gaming Target Feature Phones in Emerging Markets

Nov 24, 2013

Feature phone gambling from Play It Gaming
Play It Gaming

iPhone Style Gaming on Feature Phones Thanks to Play It Gaming

Play It Gaming are taking a different approach to mobile gaming, as their president has announced a focus on providing Mobile arcade games and casino games to non-smartphone users in emerging markets, especially Latin America. The company has recently raised more than $700,000 in investment, and the social gaming company is looking to take full advantage.

The company has partnered with biNu, a cloud based app platform that allows feature phones to access iPhone-like functionality. They’re hoping that their mobile casino games will gain popularity thanks to the ability to play on any platform, something that president Cory Cleveland believes is their main selling point.

“Our target markets are defined by both by user demand and their accessibility,” Cleveland said. “Through the feature phone platform we have in place we are able to see which areas and regions have more active users as well as sign-ups. With this information, we have specifically chosen to work in Latin America, Asia, and Africa, as they represent best the target demographic that Play It Gaming focuses on.”

Feature rich mobile casinos have taken off around the world in recent times, and are set to appear in the valuable US market soon, but company have been looking for ways to tap into those less trod markets Play It Gaming are now targeting. A number of African mobile casinos have been set up to offer play on feature phones, and this extra level of quality provided by Play It Gaming’s platform could help them gain a foothold.

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