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London’s Hippodrome Casino Continues with Dwarf Doormen Idea

Nov 28, 2013

Dwarfs wanted for Hippodrome Casino
Dwarfs for doormen

4 Foot 10 Or Less and You Could be a Hippodrome Casino Doorman

The UK’s largest land-based casino has come up with a novel way to attract attention away from the growing mobile casino market: dwarf doormen. That’s right, London’s Hippodrome Casino is planning to do away with their massive doormen – affectionately, or not, known throughout the UK as “gorillas” – and replace them with bouncers under 4 foot 10 inches tall.

Well, as far as media attention goes, they seem to have succeeded in their aim, with the story being picked up by traditional and social media sites alike. Mobile slot bosses aren’t likely to lose any sleep, though, as the move is likely to attract those looking for a side show rather than serious gambling.

One of the reasons for the move was given by the Hippodrome Casino’s spokesperson, who said that bouncers didn’t need to be tall and strong, as it was more important to be a good negotiator. Perhaps, then, the casino could find a role for actor Peter Dinklage – he of Tyrion Lannister fame (Game of Thrones for any luddites not familiar) – perhaps as a wise-cracking blackjack dealer. Just make sure to mind your casino table manners.

While the news has gained a lot of media attention, the Hippodrome is more focused on making money, as owner Simon Thomas has a grand plan to make back his initial GBP 30 million investment by 2015. Hopefully for him, the dwarfs won’t result in diminished returns.

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