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No Mobile Casino But David Beckham for Las Vegas Sands

Dec 1, 2013

Las Vegas Sands David Beckham
Becks Sands

David Beckham to Promote Las Vegas Sands in Asia

Las Vegas Sands have signed a deal with David Beckham, whereby the football superstar will help to promote their services in the key Asian market. While they may be unable to open a legal mobile casino in China, the presence of Beckham may well make up for that on its own, as the company hopes he will bring more and more punters through the door.

Of course, with casino advertising illegal in China, the company won’t be reeling out a mobile slot machine with the former Manchester United and Real Madrid footballer in tow, instead focusing his considerable marketing weight on their new entertainment and retail ventures. Then, once the punters are in, they can be directed to the casino itself.

Beckham isn’t currently working with any mobile sports betting companies, so the casino must have given him the full marketing spiel to get him on board. Indeed, they even treated him to ringside seats at the Manny Pacquiao fight against Brandon Rios (if you were wondering, the Pac Man won rather comfortably in the end).

What impact “Brand Beckham” will have on Las Vegas Sands’ Asian operations remains to be seen, but there’s no doubt casino companies are vigorously targeting the Asian market, seen as possibly the market with the largest potential in the world.

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