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Social Gambling Platform TradeFight Goes Live

Dec 5, 2013

Social gambling from TradeFight
TradeFight social

TradeFight Joins the Social Gambling Revolution with Financial Trade Betting

As if traditional online gambling didn’t have enough on its hands with mobile casinos, social gambling is just starting to show signs of being able to challenge the major players for their customers’ wallets. Now, too, there’s a very different platform available, as social gambling platform TradeFight goes live.

Instead of concentrating on mobile casino games – a market that has gained recent popularity – TradeFight leverages a pre-existing platform by tapping into the shady world of financial markets.

That’s right: players are given $1,000 worth of virtual cash to use in a 5-minute dash in a real market. The player with the most cash left at the end of that busy 5-minutes wins. There’s also a Speed Trade game where players can wager as little as 50 cents on the next 30 seconds of market movements.

The platform will also have its own mobile slot, too, as The Predictor – a 3 reel, 3 payline progressive slot – will launch soon.

TradeFight COO, Afshin Ertanin, said: “The platform is one of a kind, creating a desire for something different from the usual gaming offerings and also creating simple and fun games based on the financial markets, furthering its unique offering.”

One thing’s for certain, though: this new social gambling platform offers something radically different to most out there. Whether it can attract attention, however, remains to be seen.

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