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New GamCrowd Platform Will Help Start-Up Gambling Businesses

Dec 29, 2013


Crowdfunding has proved to be a great alternative to bank loans, but it is for the first time that someone actually develops and online crowd financing platform dedicated to the gambling business.

Business-brains who don’t want to turn to banks but prefer to partner up with gambling investors and industry experts will surely benefit from the new GamCrowd platform. The new website will serve as a network for people looking to make money from the ever-growing land-based, online or mobile casino gambling businesses.

The idea to create this new platform belongs to Chris North, founder and former chief executive of the Fox Poker Club. GamCrowd can very well serve as an inspiration to businessmen all over the world, as it was launched without help from banks or venture capital firms.

Crowdfunding, a “spectacular success”

If all goes according to plan, GamCrowd will go live at the end of January. First step will be gathering the “crowd” of potential investors, start-ups and gambling experts. Anyone with a fresh idea for a casino resort, an online gambling platform or a new mobile sportsbook will find support here.

North’s told the press about how his past experience served as an inspiration for his new business: “The last start up I did struggled to register any interest from venture capital firms and so I went back to my own crowd. I didn’t know it was called crowdfunding at the time, but that is exactly what we did and it was a spectacular success.”

After putting together the database of investors, start-ups and industry professionals, GamCrowd will start bringing them together.

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