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Angry Wife Helps Annihilate Illegal Pool Gambling Ring

Jan 2, 2014

angry-wifeAngry wife claims

A Staten Island illegal football pool gets shattered by an angry housewife.

A woman from Staten Island became the star of the latest casino gambling news after she got fed up with her husband’s gambling habits and blew the whistle on the illegal pool betting operation he was part of.

The real money pool betting operation was being run from a Staten Island bar. “My husband spends all his money on these pools and not on our children,” she complained to the NY State Liquor Authority (SLA), in an attempt to put an end to his counterproductive pastime.

The angry housewife claimed a local bar was running a $1 million illegal betting business and, according to the NY Post, she was outraged by the fact that the SLA allowed it.

Breaking the law for a $200,000 grand prize

Investigators were sent to the bar right away, to record evidence of the pool boards. Taped to the mirrored wall behind the bar, the boards showed who had bought boxes in each pool.

Turns out that the total prize did not add up to $1 million, but it was still substantial. According to SLA representatives, there were four pools set to pay out $50,000 to winners, another two worth $100,000 and one large one, worth $200,000. Each punter had to pay $2,000 to get a chance to win the big prize.

While online and mobile sportsbooks are illegal in the state of New York, punters still have the option to turn to licensed sport betting operators. However, gambling in establishments with a liquor license is forbidden under NY state laws.

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