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Open Face Chinese Poker Making Its Way to World Tournaments

Dec 31, 2013

chinese-pokerOpen Face poker

With a little online exposure, Open Face Chinese could take over the world of poker

As poker continues to evolve, gambling experts are analyzing whether Open Face Chinese (OFC) has the potential to become popular and wondering if it will be introduced in tournaments and websites, as part of new casino strategies to attract more players.

The matter came up at the last PokerStars meeting, where participants debated whether OFC should be introduced on the operator’s agenda or not. Spokesman Steve Day announced: “Programmers have already developed very sophisticated bots that perform at a very high level in this game of perfect information, making it a poor choice to add to our selection of games.”

The company pretty much sets the tone in the world of poker. If they find OFC “a poor choice”, that means the game won’t be coming to online or Android casino poker sites anytime soon.

The next big thing or just a fad?

While some professional players believe OFC has a lot of potential, others are convinced it will never become as popular as No Limit Hold’em or Pot Limit Omaha. The style certainly has some appeal, as it attracts both gamblers and players with a passion for solving mathematical problems.

With the European Poker Tour and World Poker Tour having both already introduced high stakes OFC side events and the World Series of Poker Carnivale of Poker testing it out successfully this summer, it looks like all OFC is missing to become the next big thing is some online exposure.

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