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SeanieMac Reports 95% Increase in Profits During Fourth Quarter

Jan 8, 2014

seaniemacSeanieMac’s profits

Since its launch last April, SeanieMac’s online sportsbook has had a total turnover of over $3.4 million.

SeanieMac makes further progress as gross profits have gone up by 95% during the fourth quarter. The independent Irish gaming company owns an online and mobile sportsbook which has proved to be a big hit. The last months of 2013 brought the firm a profit of $162,577, meaning a significant increase from the $83,021 revenue reached during the third quarter.

“Since our launch in April 2013 we have registered over 6,800 users, processed over 71,000 bets, had a total turnover of over $3.4 million and generated over $251,000 in gross profit,” chief executive officer, Sean McEniff reported.

Increase in amounts staked

Mobile sports betting was very popular among SeanieMac’s customers, as players gambled away approximately $2 million during the last months of 2013, while in the previous quarter it was just $1.2 million. The total amount staked in December alone amounted to $847,380.

“SeanieMac has shown month over month growth in total bets for every month since the initial launch of our gaming website in April 2013,” McEniff added. With the good results reporter recently, the company ended the year on an annual run rate of more than $10.2 million.

The management board has big plans for the company this year, aiming for further growth and more partnerships.

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