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Galicia Town Wins EUR 120 Million Jackpot in El Niño Lottery

Jan 8, 2014

galiciaGalicia town wins

The town of Monforte de Lemos in Galicia wins the entire El Niño lottery’s first prize of EUR 120 Million. This was a portion of El Niño lottery’s total prize of EUR 560 million.

This great gambling news came on Monday when the lottery was drawn and it was announced that every winning ticket with the number 76254 is worth EUR 2 million. The tickets were sold either whole, for EUR 200, or split into 10ths (décimas) costing EUR 20 each. The total prize split by the winners was EUR 120 million.

Additionally, a unique prize was also given this year. It was EUR 40 million to the sole purchaser of décima number five, series 21. This player must be extremely thankful to their luck, or perhaps choice, as the big winning came without the need for any time spent playing online casinos.

The second price went to different locations in Spain

The Second prize, worth EUR 750,000 per ticket, was purchased in twenty different locations across Spain. A single lottery shop in Zaragoza, sold 12 series of tickets with the number 69362, worth EUR 90 million in total.

Aroa García, the shop assistant said that as soon as the draw was done different residents began to arrive and the champagne flowed, “but nobody said how much they’d won.”

The third prize of EUR 250,000 per winning ticket was shared by lottery shops in Barcelona, Jaén, La Rioja, Madrid and Tudela, in Navarre.

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