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To Protect And to Serve And to Play Poker

Jan 10, 2014

copCop played poker

A cop from Bolingbrook, Illinois plays video poker while driving in a snow storm!

’’I do swear that I will well and truly serve our sovereign country and state… I will see and cause our community’s peace to be kept and preserved…’’ The oath that police officers take goes on for another 6 lines or so. No part of that mentions anything about playing Android casino poker while on the job.

In this astonishing piece of gambling news, a cop from Bolingbrook, Illinois blazes down a busy road at rush hour, in a snow storm playing poker. The police officer has impressive multi-tasking skills but the clear risk of endangerment to other road users shows a flagrant disregard for those he’s meant to protect.

The evidence and the investigation

The New Year brought some 40,000 new laws into effect throughout the United States. In nearby Chicago, Illinois one of those laws was a ban on using a cell phone while driving… and now this story of a cop driving under the influence of poker.

A 45-second long video, of this poker playing cop, is now spreading across the Internet of this police officer in the act of playing poker. The video has launched an investigation. A Bolingbrook police official would not say whether the officer was still on active duty during the investigation.

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