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Internet Poker Pro Sentenced Over “Art Dealer” Gambling Ring

Jan 14, 2014

Internet Poker Pro Sentenced Over “Art Dealer” Gambling RingPoker pro sentenced

Justin Smith cops rather light sentence over his involvement in the New York “Art Dealer” gambling ring.

US poker pro Justin ‘Boosted’ Smith will be relieved to have escaped with a relatively light sentence after pleading guilty to involvement in the sensational New York ‘art dealer’ gambling ring bust last year.

Prosecutors have claimed that the illegal gambling ring, the operation of which involved more than thirty individuals, laundered tens of millions of dollars in gambling proceeds through its live online poker and mobile sports betting activities.

In pleading guilty, Smith joined two dozen other defendants who had also been arrested and admitted to wrongdoing in deals with the prosecution.

Justin Smith gets off lightly

Although originally charged with three offenses, Smith was allowed to plead on just one related to illegal gambling enterprise activity. He was accused of moving large sums of poker and sports betting money through these accounts.

Despite calls by the prosecution for a heavier punishment, Judge Jesse M. Furman exercised discretion this week, imposing a sentence of two years probation, three months of home confinement, a $500,000 fine, and 200 hours of community service.

Smith’s role in the now dismantled gambling ring was relatively minor; court documents reveal that he was used to create a number of online accounts at websites like HMS Sports and Pinnacle Sports for the ringleaders of the organized crime-associated undertaking.

Perhaps next time Mr. Smith will realize that the smart strategy is to follow the rule of law and do things legitimately.

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