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Paddy Power and Dennis Rodman Accused of Breaking US and UN Laws

Jan 14, 2014

paddypower-accusedBookie accused

Officials claim Paddy Power gave Kim Jong-un European crystal, Italian suits and a Mulberry handbag.

Online and mobile sportsbooks operator Paddy Power is accused of braking UN Export Sanctions and US Treasury Laws by giving North Korean leader Kim Jong-un birthday gifts. The Irish company and NBA star Dennis Rodman had planned a major basketball for the dictator’s birthday, but earlier in January Paddy Power announced they were backing out.

During a high profile visit to North Korea, Rodman handed a whiskey set to the state leader, as a gift for his 31st birthday. Representatives of the Irish mobile sports betting operator claim: “The whiskey set consisted of a bottle of Jameson, a decanter and two glasses. We didn’t buy anything else for Dennis to give to Kim.”

The dictator’s luxury gift set

Ever since North Korean leaders threatened that they would be moving forward with their plans for nuclear testing back in 2006, the European Union and United States of America have adopted strict regulations regarding relations with the Asian state.

Currently, both United Nations resolutions and US Treasury Law forbid the exportation of certain “luxury goods” to North Korea.

Former Busan consul Dennis Halpin told the press that he believes the total value of the gift sent by Paddy Power exceeds GBP 6,000. According to him, the whiskey set included European crystal, Italian suits and a Mulberry handbag. The Irish bookie denied these claims.

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