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GR88 Launches 3D Online Slot Game

Jan 15, 2014

gr88GR88 3D Slot

The online casino takes a page from Hollywood in releasing what it calls the first of its kind.

GR88 Casino, an online gaming service operated by the Olympian Group, has released what it calls the “world’s first truly 3D” slot game. The game is called Sterling Silver and is a new 3D version of the popular game of the same name, which offers players an alternative to games like online blackjack.

Like the 3D films that have been so popular at the box office in recent years, players can put on those silly red glasses and enjoy the full graphic effects of the game. But don’t worry, as GR88 has issued assurances that the original 2D version of Sterling Silver is still available on the website.

A new wrinkle in an ever-evolving industry

Just as video slots have largely replaced the mechanical slot machines of old-school Vegas, the 3D revolution is the next tech innovation to hit the gambling market. GR88 hopes to pioneer this trend, claiming that Sterling Silver is truly unique.

David Hollingsworth seems to think his company has found an innovative, smart strategy: “I’ve seen other games that call themselves 3D, but this is the first one I’ve had to wear 3D glasses for.”

While many online gamblers are excited about the game, expect 3D slots to show the same trend seen in the film industry. It will work well for some games and for some players, but simple 2D games will continue to be the favorite among most online gamblers.

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