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Gr88 Launches New 3D Slot

Jan 17, 2014

spartaniaSpartania slot

Release is second 3D slot for enterprising interactive gaming company.

The tech developer and distributor Gr88 has launched its second 3D slot game. The announcement comes only days after the release of its first 3D slot, Sterling Silver. The new game is called Spartania and has an Ancient Greek battle theme.

If getting their minds blown by Sterling Silver wasn’t enough, online slot enthusiasts can don the red glasses again for Spartania. Forget boring online blackjack games, you will truly feel like you are at the movies with 3D graphics and epic battle scenes.

After calling Sterling Silver the “first ever truly 3D slot,” Gr88 manager David Smith said of Spartania: “The graphics are mind-blowing and the bonus features give lots of chances to increase winnings.”

Gr88 continues to ride 3D train

Just as 3D films are pulling in big money at the box office, 3D interactive games are gaining popularity. Gr88 is a division of the Olympian Group which specializes in online slots. It has decided to push the 3D angle in its new game releases.

So far the results have been positive, indicating a smart strategy. Sterling Silver has received good reviews, and expect Spartania to as well. It features 5 reels and 30 pay lines, in addition to bonuses and wild spins. Undoubtedly the coolest part of it is the 3D animated versions of ancient Spartan and Roman characters.

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