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Gambler Shows Generosity on his Birthday by Tossing $30,000 Win

Jan 20, 2014

uruguayTossing $30,000

French punter in Uruguay won $30,000 at casino on his birthday and threw it off a balcony

The lucky winner was staying at the elite Punta del Este resort in the southeast of Uruguay and was drinking in the Moby Dick pub on his birthday. Suddenly, he decided to be generous and “waste” all his $30,000 winning by tossing it from the terrace.

It is not clear if he produced this big casino news because of the huge amounts of alcohol he was consuming, or just out of generosity.

Lots of happy Uruguayans took advantage of the thrown money

A dishwasher from the area reported that he managed to catch the impressive amount of $3,000. Other customers and workers at the bar said that they succeeded in getting smaller sums between $100 and $500.

It seems that the winner also used several hundred-dollar bills to light his cigar. The incident probably happened between 6.30 and 7.30 am.

The Frenchman must have used winning casino strategies in order to get such a large amount of money, but he was not so lucky on his way to the hotel. Apparently, he had to borrow money for taxi, realizing he didn’t have any left after the balcony scene.

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