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Michael Richardson Wins the Nottingham Genting Poker Series

Jan 20, 2014

Michael-RichardsonMichael Richardson

Michael Richardson was the winner of the Nottingham Genting Poker Series, but Simon Deadman achieved the biggest score and got the largest money prize.

38 entrants reached the final all-day-long game organized by the online casino operator, focusing on the potential first prize of GBP 80,000, when everyone had already secured at least GBP 1,800.

By the early evening the final table of nine was formed with Simon Deadman as a lead. JP Kelly was the first one to exit, followed by Chris Vernon.

The night got extremely hot towards the end of the game

The final three left to practice poker strategies on each other, Michael Richardson, Simon Deadman and Tim Slater agreed on a deal which provided for Deadman to take the highest amount of GBP 70,000. Tim Slater was left with GBP 42,500 and the winner Michael Richardson took GBP 38,000.

With a two-to-one chip deficit to overturn, Richardson did not look like the winner but he managed to turn the game by most notably hitting a 5 holding A5 against Deadman’s A10. Around 4.00 am Richardson, finally claimed the win, when his pocket 10s held to beat Deadman’s A8.

The final table pay out were as follows:

1st – GBP 39,000 – Michael Richardson

2nd – GBP 70,000 – Simon Deadman

3rd – GBP 42,500 – Tim Slater

4th – GBP 16,500 – Stuart Guilian

5th – GBP 12,500 – Niels Ladefoged

6th – GBP 10,500 – Asif Rajah

7th – GBP 8,500 – Grant Mercado

8th – GBP 7,000 – Chris Vernon

9th – GBP 5,500 – JP Kelly

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