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Siberian Gamblers Cut Off Left Ears After Arm Wrestling Bet

Jan 20, 2014

van-goghGambling aftereffects

Out in sub-zero Siberia, two Russians have become the new poster-boys on the evils of gambling after cutting off their left ears to honor a bet in an arm wresting contest after calling it a draw.

The expression to lose an arm and a leg is a common one for those who tend to dabble in a bit of high stakes gambling, however in Russia it seems they took the expression to heart, although ears were lost in this case.

Literally betting on body parts may not make the list of smart strategies in the gambling, world but apparently that’s how they roll in Siberia.

Two Russian gamblers cut off left ears after drawing in an arm-wrestling bet fueled by alcohol

After a few too many vodkas to celebrate the Orthodox Christmas season, two Russian in the Kemerovo region of Siberia decided to place their bets in an arm wrestle, where the loser forfeits their own left ear.

Perhaps these Russians need to learn a bit of casino table manners before placing their bets. After losing, the gambler about to lose his left ear demanded a rematch and won.

Instead of calling it a draw and drink more vodka, it seems the two men were Tarantino fans, since they decided to honor the wager and both cut off their left ears in solidarity.

It’s unclear who the real culprit is here. Is it the vodka? The spirit of Christmas? The evils of gambling? Or are people just really bored in Siberia?

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