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Two Scottish Couples Won Big from the National Lottery

Jan 20, 2014

happy-winnersTwo couples win big

Two Scottish couples won big identical prizes of GBP 585,956 from the National Lottery.

The first couple, Barry Loughrey and his fiancée Ildi Kiss, was super lucky after almost forgetting to buy a ticket. The second couple, Alfie Crosbie and his wife Anne, won the same amount on last week’s Lotto Quadruple Rollover draw by matching all five numbers and the bonus ball.

This exciting gambling news didn’t seem as big for Loughrey and Kiss, as they thought they had won only GBP 585. The mistake happened because when they checked the ticket the internet connection at the supermarket parking lot, was poor. The couple was still happy as they thought the win will cover their wedding photographer.

New Year’s made both couple happier and richer

The other winners scored in Dumfries. Crosbie used the ages of his grandchildren that brought him this amazing luck.

It is interesting that he is a regular player since the beginning of the lottery in 1994 and he was recently forced to change his numbers, as the prices of the tickets went up to GBP 2.

He plans to buy a new car and Celtic season ticket, as he is big fan of the team and couldn’t afford one before. He commented: “I just couldn’t believe it, so I shouted my wife Anne to double-check.” She burst into tears when she saw the numbers.

The couple is happy that they don’t have to use any smart strategies anymore, as they won’t experience more “money worries.”

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