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iPhone App Helps Improving People Sixth Sense

Jan 21, 2014

6senseiPhone 6th Sense

Royal Tern Software, web applications developer, introduced its latest app Intuition Score, which improves people ability to understand their subconscious mind and improve their life choices.

The app is not supported by any scientific evidence, but it’s rather based on a fact that was proved scientifically. That is the existence of the sixth sense, buried down inside of everyone.

The sixth sense is proven to be related to the brain doing the work without people even realizing it. It helps guessing how things will turn out based on previous experiences, visual circumstances, etc.

This is how Intuition Score app works too, which is great gambling news, as the application can possibly be successfully used in games involving numbers, like lotto for example. So it turns out that more successful life is waiting behind the corner and RTS is trying to bring it to reality.

RTS sets high success expectations for the app

The description of the affordable app, possibly useful for iPhone mobile gambling, points out the important advantages of the product: “Imagine that you are playing against an imaginary player who has picked and hidden one image from out of three images. […] A correct pick increased your intuition score which is a percentage of the total number of times you have picked a correct image.”

It continues: “What is more, you can play the game endlessly and understand the way you feel whenever you made a right pick and practice getting into that relaxed state of mind again and again.”

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