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Lotto Winner Might Say Goodbye to Their GBP 1 Million Win

Jan 21, 2014

EuroMillions-lottoLost millionaire

EuroMillions lotto winner is running out of time to come forward with their ticket bought in Bristol and claim their GBP 1 million win, drawn on 26th July 2013.

The ticket matches one of 100 EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle-winning numbers on that particular night. The big casino gambling news is that so far 92 holders of winning millionaire raffle tickets have claimed their money, but eight prizes are still waiting for their owners, including the Bristol millionaire.

The National Lottery gets creative in an attempt to find the mysterious winner

The National Lottery is using different smart strategies to find the missing millionaire. They have sent representatives in Bristol last year who were trying to refresh the memory of the citizens in an attempt to urge them to look for the ticket in their homes, cars, etc.

EuroMillions even went further by sending a Butler to the city to make it even more formal and convince the players to search for the ticket. Even Bristol City football star Jay Emmanuel-Thomas was attracted to help with the hunt for the missing millionaire.

The rush is actually so intense, because the ticket holder has only until 11 pm on 22nd January to claim their prize, so people are urged to check every possible place and increase their chances of tracking down the precious ticket.

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