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Twisty Nurse Gambles Using Dead Patient Bank Cards

Jan 21, 2014

dead-soulsShe didn’t read…

Rubilita Coggin, former nurse at the University Hospital in Hartlepool, was put in jail for 15 months, for stealing and gambling on patient’s cards after their death.

The nurse was sentenced by Judge Peter Bowers at the Teeside Crown Court. The judge described the shameful actions as “particularly mean and despicable offences”.

This was the end to a 20-year nursing career for Coggin, who was arrested after the court found about her deed. Prosecutor Sue Jacobs used evidence that proved the nurse stole two credit cards from very ill patient last year.

The old lady died two weeks after she went to the hospital, but Coggin continued to use the cards for another three months and spent almost GBP 5,000 on online casinos.

Victim’s husband discover the theft

The victim’s husband realized something is wrong when he noticed the irregularities on the account statements of his wife, therefore he reported them to the police.

Additional investigations proved that the nurse visited the mobile casino games at various times throughout the day, even when she was on duty. She was spending between GBP 10 and GBP 600/day.

In total the two cards were used 168 times before the police caught her up and pressed chargers for the crime.

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