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Amscot Will Repay $14,000 Fee Charges to Incapacitated Winner

Jan 21, 2014

Malcolm-RamseyMalcolm Ramsey

Amscot will refund mentally challenged lottery winner with more than $14,000 check fees after the company realized his condition.

Joe Kilsheimer, a public relations consultant at Amscot commented on the gambling news: “It’s the right thing to do.”

He explained that the employees didn’t know about Malcolm Ramsey’s mental condition, when they cashed his $302,446 after-tax winnings scratch-off ticket from a “$500 a week for life” game. They also charged him more than $14,000 in fees.

Amscot realized their mistake and promised they would find the right person, who most probably is Ramsey’s legal guardian, and refund the fee.

Ramsey’s mental condition requires guardian

He was diagnosed with chronic paranoid schizophrenia and was appointed a guardian in 2002. Disregarding that, he went to claim his winning and got cashier’s check for $302,446 from Wells Fargo last November. He cashed in nearly $20,000 in Amscot store in St. Petersburg and converted the rest into money orders.

Judge Lauren Laughlin, who monitors Ramsey’s supervision, learned about the win in December, when Ramsey had already spent $170,000. He probably would have spent all of the winning if he had online casino access.

Luckily, the money is currently safe as $118,000 is kept for safekeeping while Ramsey’s guardian tries to find a way for the money to be spent for Ramsey’s benefit without risking the government aid that pays the medical bills and the room at assisted living facility.

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