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Ohio Lottery Anniversary Ticket With a Special Win

Jan 21, 2014

ohioOhio Anniversary

Ohio Lottery in Cleveland is selling a $30 ticket that offers a chance to win $10 million, to celebrate its 40th Anniversary in the lottery business

The debut scratch-off ticket that will make one lucky winner a whopping $10 million. The tickets will cost 30 bucks a piece making it the most expensive – with the largest instant prize – in its history.

The lottery started from humble beginnings. Today, it is involved in multi-state lotteries and much more. The lottery is not a game of skill or smart strategies – luck is what is needed. With a winning this big, it might be worth trying that luck!

“It is an interesting time for the industry as a whole,” said lottery director Dennis Berg. He recalled 50-cent tickets and top prizes in the thousands, not tens of millions. “A $100 million jackpot was unheard of,” Berg said.

A world of change in the lottery industry

Berg went on to say, “The biggest changes have been due to technology, which will also dictate the future he said. In Europe, people can now play games online, with virtual scratch-off tickets.” Indeed in Europe it is commonplace to use, for example, a mobile casino device to play online scratch cards.

Prizes in the 40th Anniversary game also range from $10 to $50,000. According to the game rules, the $1 million prize award can be $40,000 a year for 25 years or a cash option of $500,000 before taxes.

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