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Vast Cockfights Betting During Sankranti Festival

Jan 21, 2014

CockfightsSankranti festival

Major cockfights betting occurred in East and West Godavari districts in India during the Sankranti festival.

This gambling news didn’t seem to bother the police as they didn’t try to prevent the fights, possibly under local political pressure. Also, no arrests or cash seizing were performed neither on Tuesday nor on Wednesday. The situation was different in the Rayalaseema region, where some fights were interrupted and betting amounts were taken.

In West Godavari, the betting amounts were around rupees 250 crore on Tuesday, with I Bhimavaram alone accounting from Rs 150 crore to Rs 200 crore. Bhimavaram, Narsapur, Palacole, Undi, Denduluru, Jangareddygudem were the main places in the district were cockfights were performed.

Cockfights were big on the betting arena during the festival

In East Godavari district, bettings were in the range of Rs 150 crore on Tuesday. Muramalla, Amalapuram, Mummidivaram, Polavaram, Gadilanka, N Kothapalli, Peddauram, Samalkot, Tallarevu , Korukonda, Sitanagaram are the major areas in the district where fights are still going no.

Other places like Nellore, were not as lucky as the Godavari districts and police arrested around 182 people for cockfights betting. Also, 77 cocks and Rs 51,000 were taken. If these punters were betting on online casinos instead, they probably would have win something and stayed out of trouble.

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