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Six Lotto Winners Picked the Same Numbers And Shared The Jackpot

Jan 24, 2014

win-shareWin and share

Six lottery players used identical pattern that looks like an upside-down L, picked the winning numbers last Saturday and shared the big jackpot.

Lotto representatives commented on the gambling news saying that this simple model can be used as an explanation for the large number of winners. They were from Wexford, Malahide in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Meath and Wicklow.

It is interesting that the most popular number sequence played at this Saturday’s draw was the simplest one – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. If these numbers were drawn 531 players would have won and the share of the big jackpot for each of them would have been rather small – little over EUR 6,645.

Huge excitement for a winner, despite the sharing jackpot factor

The first of the six winners, who picked the lucky numbers 4, 5, 13, 21, 29, and 37, came forward to claim his prize at the National Lottery office. He didn’t show any disappointment that is sharing the jackpot with five other players.

The lucky man commented: “I couldn’t be happier with the amount – it is a great sum of money.” His family supported him at this big day and described him as “an optimist” who always believed he is going to win.

He played the same numbers for the past 25 years, since 1988 when the game first started. Apparently this was a smart strategy, as he was lucky to win smaller amounts in the past and now he got his EUR 588,000 share of the EUR 3.5 million jackpot.

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