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British Lotto Winner Finds Out About Her Luck Six Weeks Later

Jan 29, 2014

lottery-winners-1.7Winnings to share

Julie Phillips, carried a GBP 1.8 million winning lotto ticket in her purse for six weeks before she realized about her amazing luck.
She finds about the National lottery winning after checking the ticket by chance when she was shopping in Warrington town, Cheshire and now is going to split GBP 1,758,997 with five friends from her syndicate, who always play the lottery together.

Phillips commented on the great gambling news: “With Christmas being so busy I had not checked the last ticket we bought. It was only because I was in Warrington shopping and I walked past the kiosk where I normally buy our tickets that I decided to check.”

She added: “As I got to the front of the queue, the machine stopped working. I was about to walk away when the assistant managed to get it working again.”

Consistency helps when playing the lotto

This group of friends proved one more time that when it comes to lotto playing, consistency always counts. The syndicate has played the lottery for 20 years and they finally won with winning numbers 10, 12, 17, 30, 42, 28. So, without implementing any casino strategies, each of the friends won GBP 293,166.

Ms Phillips’ line was the winning one, where she used a combination of her son’s Jack birthday and the door number of her house. After this fortune, she is planning on paying for her son’s masters’ degree in Sport Performance Analysis and will also buy new carpets for her house.

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