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Major high-stakes blackjack tournament in Vegas this week, $100,000 up for grabs

Mar 3, 2009

The Las Vegas Hilton is holding a major blackjack tournament later this week, from the 5th to the 7th of March (Thursday thru Saturday). The tournament is part of their $150,000 Table Tournament Series, where monthly tournaments in the games of Blackjack, Three Card Poker, Pai Gow Poker, and Craps are held, and players can use these tournaments to qualify for the Finals in December.

Entries to this month’s tournament are won by betting $10 and getting a suited blackjack. Non-qualifying guests can buy-in for just $499, which includes four days and three nights accommodation at the hotel and entry into the $100,000 Blackjack Tournament.

Players get $5,000 in chips each round, and with four rounds plus a final, there is plenty of time to see a lot of action. Bets must be a minimum of $100, in multiples of $100 up to a max bet of $2,500. A Mulligan is available each session for an advance fee of $100.

The rules are strict, and include no drinking or smoking at the table during the games. These rules help ensure the event is fair for everyone involved. No devices, written or electronic, will be allowed at the table.

The Vegas Hilton Casino has 45 full blackjack tables, with a usual bet range of $5 to $1,000. This special tournament is a great opportunity for players to enjoy some games with much higher stakes.

If you are in Vegas or around later this week, treat yourself to the low entry fee, or at least stop by the Vegas Hilton to watch some of the action. Most of our readers will be far from Vegas, but there are plenty of online casinos where money can be won from the comfort of your own home!

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