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Blackjack Best – Top 10 interesting facts about blackjack

Mar 4, 2009

Our readers know a lot about blackjack. Everyone knows how to play the game, and most probably know how to play many different variations of blackjack. But how much do you really know about this popular card game? We have gathered ten tidbits of interesting information about blackjack. Read on, and you might just learn something new!

1. There are two terms used in the game of blackjack that are borrowed from baseball. The position to the left of the dealer is “first base”, and the position to the dealer’s right is “third base”. There is no “second base”.

2. Napoleon was a big fan of the game. During his exile in Elba, then later in St Helena, he used to play blackjack frequently.

3. The earliest versions of the game are about 500 years old. It was invented by either the French or the Italians. Today, most people agree that it was probably the French.

4. Blackjack got its name in the early 1900s. At the time, the player got a bonus if an ace of spades was accompanied by a jack of either clubs or spades – a “black jack”. Before then, the game was just called 21.

5. Statistically, you are more likely to lose when you double down. But when you do win, you win twice as much, so in the long run, doubling down is good.

6. The dealer’s average hand is a little better than 18. This means that if you got exactly 18 on every hand you played, you would eventually lose all your money. Because of this, it is good to hit a little more often than you might think.

7. Games with fewer decks are better for players. You will get blackjack more often, and win more double downs. Of course the casinos know this, so games with fewer decks usually have slightly different rules to balance things out.

8. Statistically, insurance is a sucker’s bet. Unless you are counting cards and have a very good reason to believe the dealer might have blackjack, you should skip insurance. You’ll lose more often than you win.

9. The Barona Casino in San Diego, California houses the Blackjack Hall of Fame. Each inductee has a lifetime comp for full room, food, and drink at the casino as long as they promise to never play at Barona’s tables!

10. If you are counting cards, and basing your play on the true count of the current game, then “third base”, the seat directly to the right of the dealer, will give you the greatest advantage.

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