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Auckland Lotto Player Wins the Sixth Largest Prize in New Zealand

Mar 28, 2014

claim-money-280314Claim the prize

The new Auckland multi millionaire came forward to claim $26.2 million lotto jackpot.

He commented on his first reaction to the fabulous gambling news: “The numbers came out and I had them all, and I thought ‘Ok, I just need to get the number six now.’ So when the Powerball came out, I let out the biggest yell.”

The winner’s name is kept private by the lotto operator, and the winner admitted that he enjoyed all the mystery around his fortunate win: “It was quite fun reading about the search for the winner in the paper each morning knowing all the while that I had the winning ticket in my back pocket.”

Future plans

The lucky player said the he had a very good feeling about this ticket and his senses didn’t mislead him as he won the big prize, without implementing any casino table manners. His current plans are to help out his family and go on a nice vacation with the jackpot money.

He commented: “I just want to put a smile on everybody’s face. I can’t wait to tell my family and share some of my excitement. Knowing that I can help out my family – and I can help out other people that need a bit of support, it’s a really cool feeling.”

The winner added: “I know we’re still in summer – but I’m already thinking about escaping the New Zealand winter. Now I’ll be able to treat myself to a holiday somewhere warm during the winter months – I can have the best of both worlds.”

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