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Show, Don’t Tell: The Writers Guide to Blackjack

Mar 31, 2014

blackjack-guide-310314Blackjack guide

Blackjack is not merely a game where one aims to win, but it involves elegant execution and resilient focus of the mind.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to play blackjack? Not just experiencing the glitz and glamor associated with the game, but rather the real thing?

There is a lot involved in such a simple game, where the aim is to merely get as close to 21, without “busting” and going over the line.

Elegance and debauchery, traditional and new, art and science are all opposing factors that are in fact intertwined in the game of blackjack.

However, managing to stay ahead requires a certain delicate poise to able to joggle with all the elements of blackjack. A poise that enables one to successfully utilize both the winnings and experience the game itself to the fullest.

Blackjack popular with the sophisticated as well

Ian Fleming, author of popular novel series of the British secret agent James Bond, galvanized in his writing as much as he did in casinos across the globe.

Before the inception of the internet, when traditional card playing was practiced, Fleming was a regular visitor to many casinos.

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• Online Blackjack – modern day gambling

• No more ridiculous blackjack losing streaks

• The art of tipping a dealer – not as easy as sounds

Blackjack was among his favorite card games to play, which has lead him to incorporate the game in many 007 book titles. Usually Bond is described playing a game of baccarat or roulette, however at other times he can be seen playing the “21 game” with much enthusiasm and charm.

In the 1989 film License to Kill, James Bond, played by Timothy Dalton, can be seen winning at blackjack. In fact, his winnings are so big that they amount to quarter of a million dollars.

Fleming offers advice to the common player on how to enter casinos and remain in constant focus of real objectives.

“Do not approach casinos with timidity or reverence. They are simply fruit-machines tended by bank clerks and mechanics. […] You are a person of free will and iron self-discipline who will beat the machine […] when the going is hard, stick rigidly to your system and not fritter away chips on single numbers which are the date, or the number of buttons on your dress!”

Blackjack – a new wave of gaming online

With the introduction of the World Wide Web in the mid-1990s, the gaming scene has changed quite a bit. Poker, roulette and most importantly blackjack have all been converted to digital screens on computer monitors.

Although it has shifted blackjack players from traditional casinos to online casinos, there have been some benefits to both players and blackjack providers.

Casino table manners are of no more concern to the online companies that offer blackjack as one of their games. With the exception of chatting at certain times, players can behave as they please, since no one is there to monitor and supervise them.

Casinos don’t have to worry any longer about blackjack tricks and strategies that are employed by con artists that try to swindle the casino of their money. For instance, card counting is of no use, as the deck is shuffled after every play.

Additionally, the online community is so vast that the allure of international players that come different corners of the globe, can be come in contact with right in front of one’s screen.

Traditional casinos rarely offer bonuses to their loyal customers, however online blackjack games provide diverse and appealing bonus schemes that makes a player enticed to play for days.

How to bounce back from a losing streak

Losing for an extended period of time can be upsetting. But losing for longer periods with large sums of money can make one drive off a cliff.

Imagine a player losing thousands on a traditional or online blackjack game, multiple consecutive hands. Immense frustration and anger is on the brink, however he manages to stay cool.

He recalls that the slump is part of the whole process. “You win some. You lose some.” However, hopefully he’ll win more than he’s lost, otherwise he’ll be sleeping on the couch for the night.

He will either decide to quit for the moment and take a breather, before the real tilt kicks in, or quit for the day and go home to recuperate energy.

Rest from the game will provide him with much needed energy, to be able to rationalize thoughts and alleviate the anger from the constant losing.

Next time the player enters the casino to play blackjack, he does not take that one free drink that the pretty and seductive cocktail girls are offering.

He remains adamant to achieving one goal, keeping a cool and smart head in order to win. Only rational thinking can help him with his problem and raise him from the slump he’s been experiencing.

How to tip a blackjack dealer

The dealer is the person that gives players their cards and conducts the flow of the game, by instructing players with minor comments.

The problems associated with tipping a dealer are many. When is the right time? How much should I tip? How should I tip?

A player at a blackjack table has just won a decent hand and is feeling good about himself. The player feels obliged and shows his gratitude towards the dealer with the magical hands.

The winning player extends his hand to the dealer, while holding a chip. Just in case the dealer assumes the player is asking for change, the player tells the dealer the chips are for him, or her, and in this case will tip more, simply because she’s a pretty lady.

The pit bosses and the dealer himself will appreciate this gesture, which entitles the player to ask for any personal assistance or favors from them when the chance arises.

A player will also be vigilant of how much he’s giving away. A small token of respect will go a long a way with dealers, but tipping too much is just foolish, because no one wants to be known as the man in blackjack history that went bankrupt by giving away free chips as tips.

What is the ever present mystique behind this rather simple but effervescent card game? What makes a person write a novel where the main character is an avid casino player, blackjack being among the important games?

It seems as if the special card game offers more than just a cash winning hand. There is a certain amount of elegance involved in playing blackjack, but then again one must be akin to Ian Fleming to pull off a fancy gamble.

For the mere mortals, the new online casinos offer plenty of blackjack games with special bonuses in abundance.

Also, if the modern day online casino were more forthcoming with their customers, the dealers would be susceptible to accidentally giving away a “tell”, and then players could tell what card the dealer has.

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