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Macau Legislator Urges Gov to Protect Croupiers

Apr 1, 2014

croupier-310314Needs protection

As more high rollers frequent the city’s booming casino industry more croupiers are complaining of verbal and physical abuse.

The casino industry in Macau has exploded over the past decade and the city is now the world’s foremost gambling hub. The Chinese autonomous city’s casino industry pulled in $45 billion in 2013, making Las Vegas look like a ghost town. These impressive figures come in large part from the city’s ability to coax wealthy businessmen from across Asia.

These high rollers bring much-needed cash into casino coffers so are treated like royalty. Free hotel rooms, meals, flights to Macau, lines of credit, and the right behave however they want to. Casino table manners not necessary. The downside is that more and more croupiers are complaining of abusive behavior on the part of gamblers.

Coutinho implores gov to crack down on client abuse

Legislator Jose Pereira Coutinho has received numerous complaints from croupiers tired of being mistreated but afraid of losing their jobs. Dealing baccarat or blackjack cards shouldn’t have to involve receiving verbal threats or physical violence, and Coutinho is urging the government of Macau to take specific measures to protect croupiers from this kind of behavior, including regulations preventing casinos from firing those who complain about abusive behavior.

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